What I’m Reading: The Last Kingdom, Bernard Cornwell

By Christina Payne '16

I don’t usually like historical fiction, but Bernard Cornwell’s books caught my attention when I was roaming the bookstore. The Last Kingdom is the first in a continuing series, an epic saga set in England around the 9th century B.C. Danish raiders from the north set out to conquer the island, killing all who stand in their path. It is a dangerous time for the Christian Britons, who see the invading pagan Danes as a threat to both their lives and their faith.

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The Organ Builders: Joe Green, carpenter

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

Joe Green is a boat builder by trade. It’s inherently nomadic work that has taken him far away from home, building everything from historic fishing-boat replicas to rowing shells to the 42-foot motorsailers of the rich and famous — but there was always something missing. So now he builds organs for a living.

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Soundings: True to Oneself

By Kerry Temple ’74

Several years ago I wanted to make more of Thanksgiving than turkey and football games. I decided to thank somebody who had impacted my life and express that gratitude by telling the story at this website. My memories of Mr. Burke point me in several directions.

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Under Pressure: A Notre Dame Wednesday

By Bridget Galassini '16

In this fourth in a series of student-written pieces on the stresses and anxieties of college student life, the writer briefly ponders one lesson during a brisk and fragmented day: “Our entire beings are dictated by verbs and actions and are ever-changing. I’m not Bridget. I’m Bridget-ing.”

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