What I’m Reading: Every Father’s Daughter, edited by Margaret McMullan

By Beth Ann Fennelly '93

Margaret McMullan, a writer of novels for both adults and young adults, and a professor at the University of Evansville in Indiana, learned to love books at the knee of her father, Jim McMullan. He was a businessman, not a writer, but they “became literary groupies together,” attending writing conferences and exchanging books, writes the daughter in her editor’s foreword. When her father died of brain cancer in 2011, she found herself not only bereft but wordless.

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Present at the ND-ACC creation

By Matt Storin ’64

In September 2012, about a month after I assumed the position of chief communications executive for Notre Dame, we were trying to keep the lid on a big secret: Notre Dame was hoping to join the Atlantic Coast Conference in all sports but football and hockey.

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An overnight vigil for Father Hesburgh

By Andy Fuller

They say you can learn a lot about a person by observing who attends their funeral. That’s certainly true in the case of Father Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC. The dignitaries in attendance for Father Hesburgh’s funeral Mass and memorial service read like a who’s-who of American politics, the Church, and Notre Dame lore. Yet as details of the observances surrounding his funeral were released, I found myself strangely interested in the overnight visitation.

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Out of the Office: A Father Ted Story

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

Let me come right out and say it: I don’t have a great story of my own to share about Father Hesburgh. I’ve since had a few ennobling encounters with him, for which I’ll be forever grateful. And it’s impossible to spend any amount of time around Notre Dame people and not get to know Father Ted. It seems like everyone has a story to tell.

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A life of greatness, given for others

By John Shaughnessy '77

At 18, the college freshman was feeling homesick as he walked toward class near the Main Building of the University of Notre Dame. If he looked up, as he usually did when he neared the building, he would have seen the golden image of the Blessed Mother on the golden Dome. Instead, his eyes were focused on the world-renowned figure headed straight toward him on that day in 1973 — Father Theodore Hesburgh, then Notre Dame’s president.

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