Laetare letters

By Readers

_Editor’s note:_ By time-honored policy, _Notre Dame Magazine_ prints in each quarterly issue only those letters referring to an article in the most recent edition. This spring, after putting our latest edition to bed, we received letters commenting on the 2016 Laetare Medal recipients.
Understanding your practice regarding publishing of letters is limited to those referencing articles in your most recent publication, I nonetheless write in anticipation of the upcoming visit of the U.S. vice president to campus. And I refer you to a related editorial by William McGurn in the April 5, 2016, edition of _The Wall Street Journal_ entitled "The Little Sisters vs. Notre Dame.": The article points to the fact that the University, once joined with the Little Sisters in their legal action to avoid Affordable Care Act requirements to fund abortifacients and other life-ending methods of birth control for employees, has caved to the law’s opt-out provision, which allows an employer’s insurer to provide the objectionable service. The Little Sisters have held firm.

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