Cover story: Eye of the Needle

by Terrence Keeley ’€™81

‘As a man of conscience, I have been greatly pained by the economic and financial headlines of the past 18 months. I have wondered whether my life has been inadvertently given over to ignoble pursuits, if not outright evil.’
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Over at Our Place

by Richard Conklin ’€™59M.A.

Obama’s coming to commencement wasn’t the first presidential appearance to draw fire. It’€™s a tradition to invite them for a visit and a talk.
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Day of Reckoning

by R. Bruce Dold

The president’€™s invitation to Notre Dame exposed major divisions —€” within the University and the American Church. But it also offered a chance for a family to find the good.
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The Time and the Place

by John Nagy ’€™00M.A.

In some ways, this year’s commencement weekend was like no other. In others, the celebrations came off as always. Either way, Notre Dame showed that differences can be respected.
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Defining Moment

by Kerry Temple ’€™74

The currents of a tumultuous spring converged at commencement —€” an occasion for presidents to seize the day and an institution to start figuring out tomorrow.
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To Redeem the Time

by Daniel Philpott

A professor of political science, who hopes his students will be motivated to transform the world, considers how to bring his Catholic faith into the classroom.
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Quiet Power

by Samuel Hazo ’49

The force that endures may not be the most obvious. The strength that sustains us is much mightier than the sword.
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Having coffee with . . . Ann Tenbrunsel

by John Monczunski

Corporate counsel for a troubling time.
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Failure to Thrive

by Christopher Donohoe, M.D., ’93

A young doctor set out to help those most in need. He soon learned that service and a sick system can bring a person down.
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Children of war

by William T. Yaley ’63

Learning to play

by Suzanne Tinaglia

The seasoning of lake glass

by Tom Montgomery-Fate

Their final duet

by John Kelly


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