The World Is Their Classroom

by Matt Cashore ’94

A Notre Dame education has always had its international exposures, but this generation of students is learning, leading and serving in some of the roughest spots on earth.
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Bigots I Have Loved

by Mark Phillips

The prejudices I knew as a boy shaped my soul and left lingering sensitivities I carry with me today. How distant is that past?
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Happiness Is

by Andrew Santella

If your best, most diligent efforts to be happy still aren’t working, maybe you’€™re just trying too hard.
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Shovels Ready

by John Nagy ’€™00M.A.

Get tomorrow’s civil engineers dreaming, and you may have the answer to our infrastructure problems.
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The Differences Are Similar

by R. Scott Appleby ’€™78

Tomorrow’€™s world may be shaped by Catholic-Muslim relations. It would help all of us to recognize the common ground instead of pointing across the divide.
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The Reluctant Domer

by Peter Graham ’84

A family reunion always reminds us that some are closer to the hearth than others, but there’s still a place to come home to.
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Rocket Launched

by Walton Collins ’€™51

Kevin Ford ’82 fulfilled his life’€™s dream when he was flung into space at 3,000 miles per hour and piloted the space shuttle Discovery on its mission to the International Space Station.
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Domers who have gone before


Other Notre Dame graduates have traveled in space.
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A love that scares me

by Lisa McKay ’03M.A.

A proper upbringing

by William O’Brien ’81

Late night with the American pundit

by Bob Schmuhl ’70

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