The Lay of Our Land

by Mark Phillips

This corner of America has been formed by the conflicting tides of wilderness, industry and agriculture. The tug-o’€™-war persists today, shaping an uneasy 21st-century world haunted by omens of vexing change.
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Troubled Waters

by Michelle Krupa ’€™00

A spewing river of oil ravages Gulf Coast life and livelihoods. And no one knows how the epic struggle will go.
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Sludge in a Notre Dame viewfinder

Winds of Change

by Paul Higbee ’€™90MCA

Howard, South Dakota, was threatening to disappear from the Miner County landscape — ” until a returning troublemaker and the county’€™s 2,800 residents transformed the dying community in a movement that just might be national in scope.
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Winter Keep

by John Christopher Fine ’€™67J.D.

Helping a herd of mustangs survive the brutal season also meant preserving a vital element of the American spirit.
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Bringing Back the Big Bang

by Don Lincoln

“€˜The scientific goal of the Large Hadron Collider research program is no less than to understand the nature and origin of the universe itself.”€™
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Holy Week in Tequepexpan

by Joseph Corpora, CSC, ’€™76, ’€™83M.Div.

When a priest heads to a remote Mexican village for Easter, he discovers a people whose embrace is warm and a world full of unexpected trouble and grace.
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