What I’m Reading: Swing Time, Zadie Smith

By Erin McAuliffe '17

We read Zadie Smith in my Creative Non-Fiction class at Notre Dame last year. In that same class we did an exercise on the diversity of our literary canon, which is overwhelmingly beige. This is a problem in all media, and Swing Time digs into this, with class differences at the center of the story and race also playing a factor.

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Out of the Office: Truly gone girl

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

A friend who had once taught a blind person how to play golf gave up on me after two lessons. Much as I can lose track of time when strolling through Pinterest, my abilities in the make-it, bake-it, craft-it world are abysmal. And how much more time can I spend with family before we all start throwing leftover Jell-O salad at each other? Ah, yes, retirement.

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Angelic jazz, holy and cool

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

Experience a touch of the rare tingling elation that composer and pianist J.J. Wright ’14MSM, ’17DMA felt this spring when his Easter Vigil-themed sequence of five jazz oratorios, Drama and Devotion, premiered inside a landmark 16th century church in Rome.

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My lady sweet, arise

By Jason Kelly '95

Forest Wallace, as Cloten, gives Shakespeare's verse a hip-hop update to woo the king's daughter Imogen. Cloten dismisses the music his attending lords play, then asks them give him a beat. Listen:

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