From Roundball to Rumble

And go to A Night at the Fights through the lens of University photographer Matt Cashore '94.

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There was a time — not that long ago — when this family was caught in a generational conflict because of the attention-stealing media invading American homes in the 21st century. Written by Marc Conklin ’91.

Learning Environment

Read more about UNDERC-West and a historically and ecologically rich ranch along Montana’s remote Milk River.

Making the New Basilica Organ

Read more about the Basilica organ project.

The Bellmaker

Read more about Benjamin Sunderlin.

Go Irish, Fly Navy

Ride Along with LCDR John Hiltz ’02, Blue Angels Right Wing from Matt Cashore on Vimeo.

In-cockpit GoPro video provided by Blue Angels, used with permission.

Three Questions with LCDR John Hiltz, ’02 from Matt Cashore on Vimeo.

ND Mag Blue Angels Photo Gallery – Images by Notre Dame Photography

Read more about John Hiltz ’02 and the Blue Angels.

Sights and Sounds of Kakuma

Read more about Kakuma.

Making Rome Home

Rome from Matt Cashore on Vimeo.

The Modern Last Supper

Photo by Matt Cashore '94

More Food for Thought from our Winter 2013-14 issue.

An apple’s tale

Snows fell early upon South Bend in 2013, but not before fifth-generation grower Kurt Weber harvested the last apples from his southwestern Michigan orchards about 45 minutes away from campus. Weber’s produce swelled the river of crisp fruit and fresh vegetables that flows southward from nearly 180 farmers in Berrien County and its neighbors each year, bringing locally harvested nutrition and genuine contentment to the Notre Dame family. Full story at
“We’re All in This Together – Acoustic” by Katie Herzig is used with permission.

More Food for Thought from our Winter 2013-14 issue.

Dining Hall Time Lapses

More Food for Thought from our Winter 2013-14 issue.


Commencement 2013

Commencement 2013: Last Trip to the Basilica and Grotto

Muddy Sunday 2013

D.C. museum tells an old Notre Dame story

An exhibit at Dumbarton Oaks tells the story behind The Juggler of Notre Dame, one of the most enduring stories of modern times — and our humble little Midwestern college has its own chapter. 

Angelic jazz, holy and cool

Experience a touch of the rare tingling elation that composer and pianist J.J. Wright ’14MSM, ’17DMA felt this spring when his Easter Vigil-themed sequence of five jazz oratorios, Drama and Devotion, premiered inside a landmark 16th century church in Rome.

Armored love

Director Christy Burgess and actors from the Robinson Shakespeare Company discuss what the ensemble means to them as they prepare for a summer trip to perform in England.

A night at the fights

Our senior university photographer spent a day and a night at the Bengal Bouts finals, getting behind the scenes and up close to the action to capture the spirit of a boxing tournament that has raised essential funds for Holy Cross’ work in Bangladesh since 1931.

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