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Letters to the editor (Autumn 2008)

By Readers

Editor’s note: The letters that appeared in the autumn 2008 print issue are marked with double asterisks (**). The original, longer versions of some of these letters also are included here, although a shorter version may have been used in the print issue.

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Making Their Way

By Lisa Moore '77

Alumnae; alumni: Even the words are different—to sticklers. Since 1972, when the first women undergraduates enrolled at Notre Dame, the numbers of alumnae have steadily grown. For the 2007-08 school year, Notre Dame’s student body was 44 percent female. Today, about 28 percent of all alumni are women.…

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Environment, image, and Notre Dame

By Matt Cashore '94

Notre Dame has entered a new era of environmental stewardship, signaled by a new Office of Sustainability, the recent Forum on that topic and a serious recycling program energized by student participation.

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Victory march: 100 years of echoes

By William Schmitt

Upon reaching the age of 100, the task of simply waking up might pose challenges for the average person. The “Notre Dame Victory March” has no such trouble. This anthem of enthusiasm and loyalty, composed by Domers in 1908, continues to wake up the echoes on campus and off—and is getting some volley cheers of its own this year.…

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