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Red states, blue states, black and white

By Kerry Temple ’74

What’s to be done about the impact of 21st century immigration patterns on the American landscape? What can the United Nations do about keeping peace and averting disasters in today’s world? Why did a couple of Notre Dame professors seek the truth about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and how did they become international experts on the effect of sanctions in policing the world? What does Notre Dame’s Catholic character mean to those who work, study and teach here—even the University’s Islamic community?…

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The Inspired Teacher: Frank O'Malley

By George McClancy '52

On the second day of the events described in Plato’s Symposium, Alcibiades crashes the party and is led to deliver a speech in praise of Socrates as a teacher. Alcibiades warns his audience not to listen to anything Socrates has to say because he will cast a spell that will shame those who hear him away from lives of happy enjoyment and into the austerities recommended by philosophy.

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