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Across the blue line

By Rachel Guerrera ’10

After almost a decade away from the college game, Notre Dame hockey coach Jeff Jackson returned in 2005 to guide a floundering Notre Dame program to new levels of success.

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Happiness Is

By Andrew Santella

More than a century ago, an Irish economist named Francis Edgeworth imagined a futuristic device that would measure happiness.

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Time as a teacher

By Bill Brennan '01MBA

Education has a rhythm, a seasonality that naturally occurs as pupils flow from anxious beginners to stretched, tested performers who are ready to begin a new chapter in their lives.

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Summer poster

By Don Nelson

The “Summer: Filled with Grace” poster is the last in our series of the four seasons at Notre Dame.

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Learning to talk to God

By Carolyn Alessio

“I want to thank God for the things we have and things we don’t have,” my daughter began at dinner one night. My husband and I looked at each other, intrigued. Lately our 5-year-old had begun to improvise grace before meals.

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What Time Shall I Pray?

By Mary Ellen McGinty Collins

When my friend Barbara said she had a meeting later in the day that could result in a lucrative consulting project, my mother’s stock response rolled right off my tongue. “What time shall I pray?”

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A Family at War

By Tom McMahon '69

Not since he was a baby, when I would walk with him at night to lull him to sleep, did I hug my only son as long as I hugged him that Saturday night.

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On God, Country, Notre Dame

By Amanda (Dodd) Miller '99

My twin sister, Lacy Dodd ‘99, and I had looked for college money and found it with the U.S. Army. So we arrived at Notre Dame in 1995 as students and cadets in its Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program.

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