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Opening Day

By Matt Cashore '94

Opening Day, Eck Stadium
Play ball! The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Ball State Cardinals line up for the national anthem at Eck Stadium. The baseball team opened its home season on St. Patrick’s Day under sunny skies and 70-degree temperatures.
Photo by Matt Cashore…

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Rylie, Age 5-1/2

By Walton Collins ’51

She twirls and pirouettes, flinging her arms wide, face tipped to the sky. An ocean breaker rolls in, flattening as it bumps its way up the beach but sending her scrambling backward with a squeal. She grasps my hand and we chase the retreating water back to the sea.

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Unbalanced: Love letters

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

At some level, Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse and Joaquin Phoenix, to choose just three primo examples of celebrity wackos, must revel in the jabs about their messy life choices. ’Cause they just keep doing whatever bizarre things they keep doing.

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