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The millionaire who lived at the Y

By Ed Cohen


Orphaned at age 4. Never owned a home. Lived most of his life in a YMCA.

Those biographical details would be unlikely to qualify a person as a hot prospect in the eyes of fund-raisers. So you can imagine the surprise of Notre Dame’s development department when it found out a man fitting just such a description was leaving the University $1.5 million.…

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The Playroom:The Parent Lap

By Maraya Steadman '89, '90MBA

Last week I attended a seminar with my daughter, “First Reconciliation Workshop.” The gist was that God has rules just like our parents have rules, and if you break God’s rules He will forgive you and always love you, just as your parents do.

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Our Own Calcutta

By James Foley ’74, ’77J.D.

I still remember the quizzical looks I got in 1974 when I took my newly minted bachelor’s degree in theology and marched naively into law school. The most common reaction was: “So, were you planning on becoming a priest?”

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