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Eye of the Needle

By Terrence Keeley ’81

In The Divine Comedy, Dante accompanies Virgil through purgatory and hell. Up until about a year ago, one could be forgiven for presuming only a smattering of bankers and financiers would be found in the inferno’s depths, somewhere between the second and fourth circles, where those overcome by lust and obsession with material goods are forever damned. Now it’s apparent some Wall Street professionals deserve to be sentenced to far worse.

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Twittering Your Life Away

By John Monczunski

I have the dubious distinction of ramming my car (actually gently bumping might be more accurate, since I was traveling about 3 mph at the time) into a telephone pole as I cleverly attempted to change the ring tone on my cell phone. I do not recommend this.

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Ode to Sunburst

By Dar Cutrona '91MCA

I didn’t see Louis until he ran past me. When I recognized his backside I yelled, “Stay strong!” I searched but never saw Vince. I waited a few minutes, certain he must have already come by in the mass of runners finishing the Sunburst 5K.

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Calling the shots

By Amber Travis ’09

Quick, name some female head coaches of college teams. If you love women’s basketball, Muffett McGraw, Pat Summitt, Sharon Versyp and the late Kay Yow might come to mind. Now name a woman who coaches a men’s team. Hmmm.

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Mission: Financial Aid

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

“Thank you, Notre Dame family.” With five years down on the Spirit of Notre Dame campaign and another two to go, that’s what Daniel Reagan ’76, director of principal gifts, says to the generosity — sustained through these tough times — that has brought his team within a statistical shimmy of reaching the University’s $1.5 billion overall fundraising goal.

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Love story

By Bruce Goldfarb

Louise bends to stroke Bob Roche’s hair and murmur into his ear. “Robert,” she says softly, dropping the T in the French version of his name. “We have company.”

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Domers in the News

By John Monczunski

While President Barack Obama gave the ND commencement address on May 17, astronaut Michael T. Good ’84, ’86M.S. was high above, orbiting the Earth as a crew member of the space shuttle Atlantis. The Air Force colonel, who took a Notre Dame pennant with him on the shuttle mission, was part of a team sent to repair the Hubble space telescope. In a complicated spacewalk, Good and his partner replaced several gyroscopes, making it possible for the telescope to precisely point at distant space objects. . . . Astronaut Kevin A. Ford ’82

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Letters to the editor

By Notre Dame Magazine

(Letters about spring 2009 and previous issues.)

Memories of the Depression

Your article on ND during the depression brought back a few memories of the 1950s. I noticed that tuition, room and board and laundry was $650 in the early 1930s. By the 50s it had nearly doubled to around $1,200. Still when my father received an almost apologetic letter announcing a $100 dollar a year increase, there was a note that effectively said, “Let us know if you have a problem with this.” My father wrote back that he had a problem with this, and we received a note in return that said, “Very well, we are awarding your son a $100 scholarship.”…

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Letter from campus: The old and the new

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

The alum I called had lost his job last year, about six months after his wife lost hers. His story was far too typical of the knavery occurring in a nation reeling under a recession. One day at work he was told to inform several people in the office that they were being “let go.”
Once he finished that unpleasant task, his boss summarily fired him, too.…

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Children of war

By William T. Yaley ’63

As the United Air Lines 747 touches down at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Saigon, Vietnam, I have an excruciating knot in my stomach. I look at a country I thought I would never see again.

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