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A funny thing happened ...

By John Monczunski

Recently, three very funny Notre Dame alumni, John Garrett ’98, Eric Hunter ’88 and Jim Brogan ’70, aka “The Laughing Irish,” came back to campus to perform their stand-up comedy acts at Legends.

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TV or not TV: USChadenfreude:Boohoohaha

By Christine Becker

My Facebook friends list is filled with Chicagoans and Domers. A week ago Thursday, half the status updates on my feed were celebrations of the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup victory; the other half were celebrations of USC’s impending NCAA sanctions, evidence that justice reckoned can taste as sweet as victory.

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Stirring vocations

By Nancy R. Powers ’95Ph.D.

A Tuesday in May. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart had its usual congregation of students, faculty and staff on a prayerful break. As could only happen at Notre Dame, they walked into an ordinary weekday liturgy and found it concelebrated by six bishops and more than 20 priests. The National Black Catholic Congress was on campus for “Stir into Flame — A Symposium on the Vocation to the Catholic Priesthood in the African American Community.”

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Believing: Mantra for Mary

By Michael Garvey ‘74

“Bourdon” is a rare and splendid word, not the sort of word you use every day, but certainly a word to lift your hat to, as Emily Dickinson once said of the word “phosphorescence.”

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