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Soundings: A whole new game

By Kerry Temple ’74

Sometimes you get blindsided.There I was, happily getting ready for the season opener. Notre Dame-Purdue. Launch of the Brian Kelly era. Then my wife reported the weather forecast. That’s when it happened.

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The Playroom: Jelly wars

By Maraya Steadman '89, '90MBA

I am intense about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Actually, I‘m intense about a lot of things, like balsamic vinegar, coffee, butter, duvets, donuts, socks and calculators. I know just what works and what doesn’t.

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Networthy ND 5

By Notre Dame Magazine staff

An offering of more Notre Dame-related gems from cyberspace. Some music, a dollop of political commentary, a bit of adventure and inspiration, and a pinch of rah-rah with salsa.

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Amazon Hope

By Kirk Shamley, M.D., ’84

We awaken most mornings before dawn to the rhythmic tappity-tappity-tappity of the engines as the crew prepares to move the boat upstream to the next pueblocito. Here the Amazon is everywhere and everything.

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Lazy I: The stupid streak

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

Like a dog scoping out a cozy, safe place to lie down, I turned three circles in my kitchen this morning, scanning plates, countertops, the toaster oven and even the shelves of our cupboards for the slice of toast I’d just made, only to realize I’d already eaten it.

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Believing: Lives that make sense

By Michael Garvey '74

The card features a bold cross with an inscription emblazoned around it: “To be a witness does not consist in engaging in propaganda, nor even in stirring people up, but in being a living mystery.”

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TV or not TV: Breaking Bad Men

By Christine Becker

If I read about Walter White’s drug world exploits in the newspaper, I’d want him thrown in jail. If Don Draper was my grandfather and my mother told me about his legacy of adulterous and abusive behavior, I would refuse to spend the holidays with him.

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