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Life and death

By Kerry Temple ’74

One of America’s most prolific and popular writers once said, “Reading without thinking is nothing. For a book is less important for what it says than what it makes you think.”

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Life Is Good

By Richard W. Garnett

I cannot help it — I love “Jake,” the distilled-to-his-essence stick-figure with a wide, winning grin, never-off shades and a disarming, simple message: “Life is good.”

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Proud Domer, Proud Daughter

By Laura Duman McNally '01

I was about two months pregnant with our twin girls when my husband and I had our first discussion about where they would go to college. Since we are both graduates of Notre Dame, I answered: “They are going to be Domers, of course.”

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And Now, the Cycle Will Go On

By Anne Canright

On November 7, 2008, National Park Service biologist Tim Coonan crouched down in golden grass and unlatched the wire door of a small dog kennel. “Okay, M67,” he said softly. Out shot a tiny sharp-nosed fox sporting a black collar.

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Life in the Abyss

By Jeremy Manier ’92

On a June day in New York 15 years ago, Cindy and Michael Parseghian learned that three of their four small children were fated to die from the same genetic disease.

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Ralph McInerny had our number

By Michael Garvey

I am a fairly undisciplined and compulsive reader, but I sometimes think the number of books Notre Dame’s Ralph McInerny has written exceeds the number of books I have read.

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A pastoral welcome

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

The Notre Dame community officially welcomed its new bishop during a special Mass of Thanksgiving on Tuesday evening, February 9, in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

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Another email: Reports from Haiti

By Kerry Temple ’74

The first call was a phone message left during the weekend after the Jan. 12 earthquake fractured Haiti. It came from Ann Kloos. Her brother John, a 1974 Notre Dame graduate, had lost his son Ryan in the quake

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After the quake: Help for Haiti

By Dr. Ralph P. Pennino' 75

Dr. Ralph P. Pennino, a 1975 Notre Dame graduate, is among those organizing a major Notre Dame relief effort in Leogane, the site of the ND Haiti program and an area near the epicenter of the Jan. 12 Haitian earthquake.

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