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ND Free Pass: Track & Field

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

As I continue to sample all the ND sports, I run into some fun surprises, like the Notre Dame Invitational track and field event. Loftus had the air of a three-ring circus, minus the animals and any semblance of central heating but complete with amazing variety acts.

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Networthy ND 9

By Notre Dame Magazine staff

This edition of Networthy includes links to ND-related films at the Sundance Film Festival, a 1-year anniversary reprise of a music video involving the ND Marching Band and a Grammy-award-winning rock band, and the inside scoop on last year’s Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien feud.

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The Brothers Dunne

By Patrick Dunne ’60

One is a priest, a world-class theologian and revered teacher who has influenced generations of Notre Dame students. But to his brother, Patrick, a lawyer, teacher and writer, he is Scribner.

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Jesters Rule

By Jake Page

Maybe what we need in these times of pomp and self-importance is the truth-edged merriment that cuts through the malarkey. Send in the wise and witty clowns.

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Designing a creative career

By Wendy G. Ramunno ’97

Like many a theater major before her, Katharine Sise ’01 arrived in New York City after graduation with big dreams and a paltry amount in her bank account. She wrote short stories in the mornings, auditioned in the afternoons and took a bartending job to bide her time until her big break.

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Little company, big movies

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

It’s not a business plan a banker would approve. “Essentially, right now as a company, the four of us are doing this for free,” says John Klein ’06 of the associates running Glass City Films.

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Poorer and richer

By Gene Stowe

James X. Sullivan, Notre Dame associate professor of economics, argues that the conventional income-based measures of poverty used by the U.S. Census Bureau tell only part of the story.

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Wii helps stroke victims

By John Monczunski

When Nintendo’s interactive Wii game system first came out, physical therapists were quick to see the therapeutic possibilities of “virtual/actual” golf, tennis and other exercises.

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Campus crash-tests the cutting edge

By Maura K. Sullivan ’11

When 50 business students received iPads on the first day of Professor Corey Angst’s Project Management class last semester, the novel introduction of Apple’s tablet computer into a college classroom garnered Notre Dame several days of national media attention.

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