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Close encounters

By John Kelly

It wasn’t the thunder of the boulder bearing down on Indiana Jones that made me hug my popcorn, it was the slicing strings and the brassy march of our hero’s theme.

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How to ride an elevator

By Randall B. Smith ’98Ph.D.

Getting on an elevator alone with a stranger can be an awkward experience. Elevator rides are usually far too brief for an actual conversation, but they’re just long enough to make the silence uncomfortable.

Generally when people are in such close proximity to one another, they make some sort of greeting. Men typically offer the slight shake of the head and the grunt-hello. But once that’s done, what do you say? “Hey, how ’bout them Cubs?” (Probably not the best opening since I live in Houston.)…

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Autism and tone of voice

By John Monczunski

A recent study of nearly 100 children with autism and 100 typically developing peers conducted by Joshua Diehl, Notre Dame assistant professor of psychology, and colleagues at Yale and Harvard universities suggests their speech difficulty may be because children with autism understand meaning differently.

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Believing: Dirty slates

By Michael Garvey '74

Among us returnees, here at Notre Dame as in workplaces around the world, nearly every conversation includes some reference to a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning.

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