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A sabbatical from seriousness

By Kerry Temple ’74

We can take things pretty seriously here at Notre Dame Magazine, and we take our role on behalf of the University very seriously. Then one day this past fall, having wearied — at least temporarily — of the earnest and well-intentioned seriousness, we thought: Enough already. Let’s loosen up and have some fun.

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The long, dusty, road-blocked road is good

By Dan Fahey ’90

In many parts of the world it would have been a quick and easy trip, but this was in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the simplest of trips can turn into an epic journey. And so it was with this excursion, which reinforced lessons important for enduring the physical and emotional rigors of the Congo.

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What She Learned: Inside a Makeover

By Arienne Thompson '04

Marguerite Cremin before

Marguerite Cremin, an Irishwoman living and working in Jamaica as an executive at the global spirits corporation Diageo, was in need of an image do-over. “Marguerite was in a place of complacency and needed to reconnect with herself,” says her executive coach Patrick Parks ’01, CEO

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