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Soundings: That Leahy photo

By Kerry Temple ’74

Frank Leahy photo by Gordon DiRenzo, from University of Notre Dame Archives

“I was thumbing through this recent issue,” Gordon DiRenzo, Class of 1956, says, “until I got to page . . . let’s see, is it 21? No, it’s page 20. . . . Hey, where’d you get that photo? The photo of Leahy.”

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The tragic re-run

By Ted Mandell

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Two days after the Colorado movie massacre, I stared at my laptop screen, reading one of the endless online commentaries. The media crush of the moment. The outrage around the country. The news cycle playing out…like a reality show re-run from four years ago.

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Soundings: Morning glory

By Kerry Temple ’74

Monday morning, early on. I am lying in bed, wondering when I got so old that mowing the lawn and splashing in a pool with the kids for an hour would leave me so tired and sore. The red numbers on the bedside clock tell me I should get up. But I like it here.

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An Irish four-pack

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

Beer is as old as civilization, and among its qualities, beer folk say, is the fact that the right one can go with just about any food. Domers in the craft brewing industry hereby make their “case.”

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Back home again

By Maura Sullivan '11

As a Notre Dame student, one of the things I liked best about my beloved university was that my friends were from all over the country. Now that I’ve graduated, I hate that fact.

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Far afield: Elmer’s glue

By Jason Kelly '95

When the Four Horsemen, the seven mules and Knute Rockne’s other farm animals finished grazing, only Elmer Layden hung around the Notre Dame dining hall to bus tables. “He wasn’t asked to help, and he didn’t expect thanks,” wrote Red Smith, who knew because he was the student waiter on duty. “He just was, and is, that kind of gentleman.”

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Believing: Some notes toward a prayer

By Michael Garvey '74

Prayer can pounce on a poem (or a soul) unbidden as a bobcat dropping from a tree limb, all fangs and claws. Prayer is downright predatory. Prayer can pick up a sinner’s scent, silently begin to stalk, keep motionless watch for hours and patiently await the moment to leap.

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Football programs

By Notre Dame Magazine

Programs, get your programs. Notre Dame football began with a game in 1887 that pitted Notre Dame students against a football team from the University of Michigan.

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The Playroom: Ritalin dreams

By Maraya Steadman '89, '90MBA

Are you sick of paying the high costs of medications for your child? Does it make you crazy that after 10 years of parenting you can diagnose an ear infection by yourself, but you still have to go to urgent care for the amoxicillin scrip?

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By Kerry Temple ’74

You remember when you first heard about Fighting Irish football. It was the first time you’d ever heard of Notre Dame. The game served as an introduction to the institution, the sport the school’s emissary.

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Matt Swinton’s declaration of independence

By Beth Grisoli ’87, ’90M.A.

One day in May, the videographer in the Multimedia Department at Notre Dame affixed a GoPro camera to the wheelchair of Matt Swinton ’12, a finance major from Dallas. The GoPro is designed to ride on surfboards, motocross helmets and extreme skiers. Riding a wheelchair across campus may not seem adventurous, but when Matt moved to Notre Dame as a freshman, it was the bungee jump of his life.

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Wintry Rooms of Love

By Mel Livatino

We have only so long to ask the questions we need to ask, have the conversations we need to have, spend the time we need to spend and heal whatever hurt our hearts are holding.

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A Land of Myth and Legend

By The editors

The legacy is a land of myth and legend. Eleven national championships. Seven Heisman trophies. Win one for the Gipper. Ara, stop the rain. Here come the Irish. Catholics vs. convicts. Play like a champion today. The tunnel. The Shirt. Touchdown Jesus. Fair Catch Corby. No. 1 Moses. The Golden Boy and the Comeback Kid.

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Understanding the HHS lawsuits

By Richard W. Garnett

On May 20, Notre Dame awarded an honorary degree to Kevin J. “Seamus” Hasson ’79, ’82M.A., ’85J.D., the founder of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a public-interest law firm that defends the rights of institutions and individuals “from Anglicans to Zoroastrians.” The next day, the University’s president, Rev. John I. Jenkins, CSC, announced that, “neither lightly nor gladly,” the University had filed a religious-liberty lawsuit of its own, challenging the legality of a federal rule requiring most religious employers to provide coverage for “preventive services.”

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