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Echoes: Father Sorin’s Velocipede

By David V. Herlihy

On January 14 of 1869, The St. Joseph Valley Register described the dramatic arrival of a promising new invention: “A velocipede, all the way from France, passed through our streets — in an express wagon — on Monday last. Its destination was Notre Dame, where it will, no doubt, become quite a favorite with the exercise-loving students.”

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Believing: Sentenced to Life

By Michael Garvey '74

Years ago I spent Holy Week in the Holy Land. As much of that time as possible, I was within the walls of Jerusalem. An anomaly or a coincidence or perhaps even a miracle of the calendar had aligned the celebrations of three feasts sacred to the sacred city’s three faiths, and the streets of the Old City were redolent with the smells of freshly slaughtered flesh, clouds of incense, burning palm branches and smoldering beeswax.

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Leading Man

By Liam Farrell '04

Thom Browne ’88, one of the pre-eminent names in men’s clothing, certainly did put the “show” into fashion show this year. Models paraded down the runway with exaggerated shoulders or spiked masks, donning pastel pink and green suits, and clothes dotted with ducks, dogs and safety pins.

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Letter from campus: Time to move on

By Dan Reagan ’76

I had thought this would be a healthy, almost cathartic experience but now find myself either too emotional or too scattered to find the right words. I had been asked to write about my leaving Notre Dame after 32 years — four as an undergraduate and 28 as a development officer.

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Live! From New York! It’s Fashion Week!

By Arienne Thompson '04

Twice a year the world’s most stylish people descend on New York for seven days of runway shows, people-watching and elbow-rubbing with many of Hollywood’s fashion icons. But what really happens during Fashion Week? Arienne Thompson ‘04, a fashion and celebrity reporter at USA Today, provides an insider’s look at what it’s like to cover one of the most hectic fashion events of the year.

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Domers by Design

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

Sure, a Notre Dame sweatshirt or a leprechaun painted on the garage door displays your true colors. But not everyone wants to be such a show-off. To discreetly cheer the home team, you could grab some items your classmates helped create and quietly let your inner Domer shine.

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A touch of the bubbly

By John Monczunski

We’ve always known bubbles were fun; now it turns out they’re important too. For instance, Notre Dame’s Gretar Tryggvason points out that an understanding of the ephemeral spheres is vital for the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power reactors.

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A sabbatical from seriousness

By Kerry Temple ’74

We can take things pretty seriously here at Notre Dame Magazine, and we take our role on behalf of the University very seriously. Then one day this past fall, having wearied — at least temporarily — of the earnest and well-intentioned seriousness, we thought: Enough already. Let’s loosen up and have some fun.

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The long, dusty, road-blocked road is good

By Dan Fahey ’90

In many parts of the world it would have been a quick and easy trip, but this was in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the simplest of trips can turn into an epic journey. And so it was with this excursion, which reinforced lessons important for enduring the physical and emotional rigors of the Congo.

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What She Learned: Inside a Makeover

By Arienne Thompson '04

Marguerite Cremin before

Marguerite Cremin, an Irishwoman living and working in Jamaica as an executive at the global spirits corporation Diageo, was in need of an image do-over. “Marguerite was in a place of complacency and needed to reconnect with herself,” says her executive coach Patrick Parks ’01, CEO

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New South Bend mayor addresses old problems

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

Being asked to speak about innovation in city government after only three months as America’s youngest small-city executive might feel a little like winning the Nobel Peace Prize just after winning the White House, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg joked as he began his presentation March 30 at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business

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The Playroom: Stuck on you

By Maraya Steadman '89, '90MBA

Some days when I get to feeling sorry for myself and the fact that I don’t have a job I can escape to, a place where I can away from all these kids every once in awhile, I start to dream about having a cubicle or a desk drawer where I can find a pair of scissors and a roll of Scotch tape.

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