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Unbalanced: The cold wars

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

The men are rolling up their shirt sleeves; the women are putting on sweaters. It’s another winter’s day, another day when our generally agreeable male co-workers can’t agree to the fact that our cube farm is so freaking cold we would be better off working in Siberia.

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Santo subito

By Merle Wilberding ’69J.D.

“Santo subito! Santo subito!” cried the people in St. Peter’s Square on the death of Pope John Paul II in April of 2005. They were urging “sainthood now.” I remember those exuberant shouts, how they seemed to mourn his death yet celebrate his life. I remember them well because his death had rekindled the memory of a special encounter I had with him.

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Molarity Classic: 231-235

By Michael Molinelli '82

Molarity strip 231

231. An article from the “News in brief” column notes that the American Motors Company (before it was bought by Chrysler) will stop production of the AMC Pacer. It was a unique wide compact car worth a web search. It was stepping up production of its Eagle Jeep line.…

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