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Go Irish, Fly Navy

By Matt Cashore '94

He wasn’t supposed to look. When U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander John Hiltz ’02 roared over Notre Dame Stadium in his F/A-18 Hornet before the November 2, 2013, Notre Dame-Navy game, he may have had the most enviable view of campus on a football Saturday.

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By Mark Phillips

Since someday a medical test could discover within you the thing long feared, the doctor’s office might be a good setting for the beginning of this story.

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One Hand Extended to Too Many

By John Rudolf

On my last day in Kakuma Refugee Camp, a scorcher in late May, I climb on the back of a boda-boda — the camp’s cheap, impromptu motorcycle taxis — for a ride out to the farthest frontier of the camp, an area called Kakuma Four. At my side is Ed Grode ’71M.A., a retired school principal from Fairview, Pennsylvania, and president of the state’s Notre Dame Club of Erie, who is deeply engaged on refugee issues and working on a documentary about life in the camp.

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Catching Ben

By Beth Haverkamp Powers ’88

When I first started teaching more than 20 years ago, I fantasized about being “the one” — the teacher kids adored, trusted and would reference in their Nobel Prize acceptance speeches. In the short term, I imagined them calling me when arrested for childish pranks like TP-ing houses or skateboarding illegally. Wearing a red-sequined, super-teacher cape, I would pick them up at the police station at midnight and drive them home to the embrace of grateful parents.

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The tricky thing

By Rachel Roseberry ’11

There was a period of time when I lived in Texas. There was a period of time from age 22 to 23 when I could muster the strength only to dress the part. There was a period of time when salvation lay in closing the blinds. It was my first job out of college, and I had moved far away from anywhere that seemed like home.

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