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Soundings: All is not fair

By Kerry Temple ’74

Basketball is a messy game. It is even messier for 9-year-olds who can’t help but double-dribble, who swarm to the ball like moths to a porch-light and who take too many steps when none is allowed.

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Ms. Jansen's choices

By Elle Metz '12

I’m convinced there is no set curriculum in my mother’s class. There are definitely no tests. I’m also convinced that it’s the most important class those fifth graders may ever take. She teaches them how to be good humans.

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Global Doc: Rubbing elbows

By Dr. Vincent DeGennaro Jr. ’02

The last time I sat at the United Nations headquarters was for a conference on HIV and AIDS seven years ago. In January, I returned for a conference on the same topic, this time focused on how sports can reinforce the messages of HIV prevention.

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An old love letter to the University

By Matt Storin ’64

In the summer of 1960 I found at my local library in Springfield, Massachusetts, a book on Notre Dame. Now, almost 54 years later, I’ve been a student, a parent, a faculty member, an administrator, an advisory council member and, of course, an alumnus. So when I happened across another copy of the book, Notre Dame: the story of a great university by Richard T. Sullivan (Henry Holt and Company, 1951), I wanted to read it from that perspective.

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