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Black Domers: Jamie Austin

By Jamie Austin '04

Although I now have such pleasant memories of my alma mater, the truth is that I have not always felt so well-connected to Notre Dame. In fact, there were many times when I wished to be almost anywhere other than South Bend.

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Black Domers: Owen Smith

By Owen Smith ’95

The Black population at Notre Dame is 2 percent. That’s like skim milk. You couldn’t skip class cuz they knew. I’d be walking across campus and white people would pop out the bushes like, “Missed you in class today, Owen.”

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Black Domers: Azikiwe Chandler

By Azikiwe Chandler '94

I hated my freshman year at Notre Dame. I was under the impression that all universities were incredibly diverse centers of debate and cultural exchange like Cal Berkeley, where Andrew Martinez made national headlines for expressing his First Amendment rights by attending classes in the nude in 1992. I was in for a shocking surprise.

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Black Domers: Bonita Bradshaw

By Bonita Bradshaw '77

After graduation, I realized I was deeply affected and personally angry about part of my experience at Notre Dame. Professionally I realized that I was hired and lauded because of my having graduated from Notre Dame. But because of what I had experienced, I preferred that my children not become legacies.

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Molarity Classic: 276-279

By Michael Molinelli '82

Inspired by a comment from my roommate, Rich Role, I developed the “Mike is Dead” series of cartoons based on the Beatles’ “Paul is Dead” rumors ten years earlier. The results were cartoons more clever than funny. My records show that they did not run sequentially and so I am not sure if this idea caught on. But somebody noticed as there was a real letter in the Observer

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Black Domers: John Banks-Brooks

By John Banks-Brooks

LBJ was president. The Great Society seemed within reach. Suddenly Negroes were in vogue, at least at the nation’s elite colleges and universities; these institutions pursued and then wore their newfound diversity as a badge of honor.

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Global Doc: Listen

By Dr. Vincent DeGennaro Jr. ’02

In a developing country, a school child who cannot hear cannot learn. They are often placed in schools for mentally retarded children, if they attend school at all. A hearing aid can mean the difference between a child finishing high school and never attending school at all.

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Black Domers: Jerome Gary Cooper

By Jerome Gary Cooper '58

Jerome Gary Cooper ’58 came to Notre Dame in autumn 1954 from Mobile, Alabama. He majored in finance and was a member of the Naval ROTC program. After graduation, he became a marine Corps officer, retiring with the rank of major general. He served as US ambassador to Jamaica during the Clinton administration. He and his wife, Beverly, live in Mobile.

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