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The Place Called Nowhere

By John Rudolf

Kakuma has been created out of an apparent wasteland, but it is now home to almost 200,000 desperate, resilient, resourceful, uprooted human beings. For Rahul Oka, it is more than a study in anthropology.

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The Bellmaker

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

Resonant, lyric metal, not quite like anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s not the only thing emerging from the foundry of Riley Hall.

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Calling the plays

By Eric Butterman

Margaret Ruffing Morris ’98 admits that becoming a producer and director for NFL Films was not exactly on her radar growing up. Neither was football.

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Having lunch with . . . Don Bishop

By Kerry Temple ’74

Deciding who gets in and who doesn’t attracts a passionate band of critics, gripers and second-guessers. Bishop and his staff know quite well their decisions break hearts, collapse dreams and vault young people into life-altering directions.

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Deaths in the family

By The editors

For her 90th birthday, Helen Hiatt received a white T-shirt that had been hand-painted to say “Mother of the Huddle,” her long-standing nickname.

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My Good Friend is Leaving

By Alison Macor '88

Michelle Melland ’88 is propped up in a hospital bed in the master suite off the kitchen of her two-story house in Kansas City, Missouri. Her eyes light up as I walk into the bedroom, and then she dissolves into tears. I maneuver around the bed and medical equipment to give her an awkward hug hello, which she can’t return because of the paralysis throughout her body due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.

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The woman trap

By Andrea Midgett

She was a lawyer, her life was so busy, her work was so consuming, she was struggling to pack it in while raising her kids. I guess that was her excuse for overlooking rudimentary politeness.

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Go Irish, Fly Navy

By Matt Cashore '94

He wasn’t supposed to look. When U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander John Hiltz ’02 roared over Notre Dame Stadium in his F/A-18 Hornet before the November 2, 2013, Notre Dame-Navy game, he may have had the most enviable view of campus on a football Saturday.

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By Mark Phillips

Since someday a medical test could discover within you the thing long feared, the doctor’s office might be a good setting for the beginning of this story.

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One Hand Extended to Too Many

By John Rudolf

On my last day in Kakuma Refugee Camp, a scorcher in late May, I climb on the back of a boda-boda — the camp’s cheap, impromptu motorcycle taxis — for a ride out to the farthest frontier of the camp, an area called Kakuma Four. At my side is Ed Grode ’71M.A., a retired school principal from Fairview, Pennsylvania, and president of the state’s Notre Dame Club of Erie, who is deeply engaged on refugee issues and working on a documentary about life in the camp.

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Catching Ben

By Beth Haverkamp Powers ’88

When I first started teaching more than 20 years ago, I fantasized about being “the one” — the teacher kids adored, trusted and would reference in their Nobel Prize acceptance speeches. In the short term, I imagined them calling me when arrested for childish pranks like TP-ing houses or skateboarding illegally. Wearing a red-sequined, super-teacher cape, I would pick them up at the police station at midnight and drive them home to the embrace of grateful parents.

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The tricky thing

By Rachel Roseberry ’11

There was a period of time when I lived in Texas. There was a period of time from age 22 to 23 when I could muster the strength only to dress the part. There was a period of time when salvation lay in closing the blinds. It was my first job out of college, and I had moved far away from anywhere that seemed like home.

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