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A true, extended farewell

By Kevin Noonan '14

On the Monday morning after commencement, after a night of spilling pitchers of beer on Finny’s dance floor, an evening of spraying champagne bottles outside the Main Building, a day of sitting, standing, sitting, standing and shuffling bleary-eyed from one commencement ceremony to the next, a week of doing our best to avoid the inevitable, and four of the greatest years of our lives, the Class of 2014 and I are emotionally, mentally, spiritually and, most literally, physically hungover.

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26 Shirts, 25 years, 1 cool tradition

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

It first raised $17,000 in 1990 to bankroll the rites of spring better known as AnTostal, then $100,000 more when a car accident on Notre Dame Avenue left a Chinese graduate student in need of long-term medical care. Its artwork has featured some of the most questionable likenesses of Notre Dame football coaches ever to have received University approval.

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Irish Hysteria

By Barbara Johnston

The Notre Dame women’s basketball team was 37-0 when it lined up for the opening tip of the national championship game at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, in April. It was the third time in four years that Coach Muffet McGraw’s Fighting Irish had advanced to the title match — the fourth straight year to reach the Final Four.

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Trouble in the Air

By John Rudolf

A pediatrician suspects a connection between pollutants and human health in her community — and her stand becomes a lightning rod for controversy and conflict.

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The Money Games

By Jason Kelly '95

Professional sports have become vast global industries, billion-dollar enterprises and powerful cultural forces. Where does this leave their fans?

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By Joe Kapitan '87

Every one of the letters that filled those sacks was a dull blade with one of our names on it, and yet we waited like idiots for those planes to land. We waited.

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Cycling through the seasons of school

By Kim Tracy Prince '93

I haven’t been to school in 20 years, but the ebb and flow of the academic calendar became body memory long ago. That same knowledge allows me to drive through the hometown I visit only once a year, without knowing the directions, because my body remembers the turns and hills.

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What are they doing here?

By John Crawford ’01MFA

I know it sounds like the start of a racist joke, one of those cringe-inducing tales that begins with an Irishman, a Jew and a black guy walking into a bar. But that’s how it happens, minus the Jew, the Irishman and a stupid punch line.

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Home returns me

By Michael Joseph McDonald '09

I hopped off the plane from Kenya, stepped onto American soil (actually carpet) and sat down in the terminal like someone sitting down to watch his favorite rendition of his favorite play.

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All in the ND familia? Famille? Familie?

By Meghan Thomassen '14

It’s April 5, the first day of the seventh Hesburgh International Scholars Experience (HISE). More than 90 accepted students are arriving for a five-day visit to make their final college choice before the May 1 deadline. Few have visited the United States before, and for most of these newcomers, Notre Dame is yet a sight unseen.

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Print project

By Lynn Freehill-Maye

Notre Dame’s new Center for Arts & Culture reaches out to groups that haven’t always felt welcome. The Segura Arts Studio and its printmaking process help.

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The things he carried

By Jack Hefferon '14

On a sunny Monday morning, 83 years to the day of Knute Rockne’s death in that crash, Michael Lopez sits in a room on the Notre Dame campus and opens an old briefcase to reveal the item Rockne held closest as that disabled plane plunged into a Kansas cornfield.

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She grew a business

By Tamara Lytle

Meredith Sheperd was biking around Washington, D.C., to job interviews when she decided a few years ago to grow more than organic produce. She grew a business.

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