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Napper of the Year

By Brian Doyle ’78

On my second day of kindergarten, at a school named for a species of tree, I discovered that our teacher, Miss Appleby, presented a Best Napper Award every week, and that the child who earned the most weekly napping awards was then presented with the Best Napper of the Year Award in June, on the last day of school, in assembly, before the entire school, which went from kindergarten to sixth grade, and contained some two hundred students, none of whom, I determined immediately, would outnap me.

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Applause for the Magi

By Mark Phillips

Late in that very rainy autumn the good citizens of the river city of Olean, New York, debated whether to permit a soup kitchen into their downtown business district on North Union Street.

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Still Catholic

By Michael Garvey '74

While other may find cause to stray — in protest or indifference — he has plenty of reasons to stay with this maddeningly human, redemptively divine social sacrament with people like himself.

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Remembering John Dunne

By John Garvey '67

Rev. John S. Dunne, CSC, ’51, John A. O’Brien Professor of Theology, died Nov. 11, 2013, at age 83 after a struggle with complications from a head injury sustained in July.

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By None

Francis H. Hurley ‘33, 06/10/2013, South Yarmouth, MA
Patrick J. Fisher ’35,’37 JD, 07/31/2013, Indianapolis, IN
Edward J. Kelly ‘40,’42 JD, 07/26/2013, Mount Prospect, IL
Edward J. Sullivan, MD, ‘42, 08/26/2013, St. Augustine, FL
Robert E. Hecht ’42, 08/12/2013, Racine, WI
Thomas J. Walker ’42, 09/11/2013, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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