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By Alumni Association

Edward F. Mansfield ‘34, 10/31/2013, Belmont, CA
Philip C. Trexler ’34,’36 MS, 06/29/2014, Mishawaka, IN
Harold J. Wilson ‘37, 03/14/2014, Waban, MA
John L. McGuinness ’39, 09/30/2014, Southbury, CT
Bernard O. Marbach, M.D. ’42, 08/06/2014, East Quogue, NY
Julian G. Atwater ’43,’47 MS, 09/18/2014, Lake Geneva, WI

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Domers in the news

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

Fashion designer probably was not on the list of career goals for Dava Newman ’86 when she studied aerospace engineering at Notre Dame. The aeronautics and astronautics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has certainly stepped to the head of the class these days, as she was nominated in October for the post of NASA’s deputy administrator, the agency’s #2 leadership role. But Newman is also part of an MIT

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Screening the Easter Rising

By Jason Kelly '95

An 80-minute feature version of 1916: The Irish Rebellion will be screened in theaters and at global events, beginning with the March 16 world premiere in Dublin hosted by the Irish government. The U.S. premiere will be March 21 at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, with screenings to follow in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Various PBS

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Invincible No More

By Michael Rodio ’12

His friends knew that, even as a boy, James Perri ’94 was destined to do great things. And he has — largely because of those friends and family and his encounter with his own mortality.

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Nine Sports You May Not Know

By Peter Holland

Sports nerds are of two kinds. One group knows every statistical detail about their team. The other knows about sports that most people have never heard of. I’m in the latter group, and here’s my top nine list.

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Running from what

By Paul Steinle ’07

I lace up my shoes. On a 10-mile run, I go through 12 neighborhoods — past multimillion-dollar greystones and subsidized housing projects, rows of boarded-up businesses and rows of businesses thriving, if you hables espanol or mówić po polsku.

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The longest road

By Sarah Sibley ’06

The Great River Road is a small highway that runs down the southern spine of the Mississippi, snaking through farmlands and small, sleepy towns. You can find the Road by following the mournful notes of Delta blues, the sweet smell of cornbread in the oven and the wisps of cotton that drift through the air during the fall picking season.

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The day they pulled the plug

By C.M. Wurzelbacher '12

He ducked down behind the wall and — schlaaah-p! — pulled the plug. In my imagination, it was a giant red cork attached to a metal string that popped like a wine bottle. In reality, I’m sure it was something less colorful — like a lever or a wheel.

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Water guns and Nutella

By Kelly Flynn Kramb ’11

I was asleep. I was asleep and it was glorious. I was asleep and it was Sunday afternoon and I had no reason to be awake. I was asleep and a stream of ice water suddenly hit me in the face, jolting me awake.

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