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Father Hesburgh and Notre Dame Magazine

By Kerry Temple ’74

When someone as great as Father Ted Hesburgh, CSC, lives deep into his 97th year, you begin to wonder if he might just live forever. So news of his death today has come as a sudden blow, a punch to the stomach, even though reports had him in severe decline over the past few weeks.

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A Priest Forever

By Jerry Reedy ’58

He walks into the library somewhere around noon, takes the elevator to the eighth floor, then gets off and climbs the next five flights to his office. That’s exactly 100 steps.

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Shadows of Saints

By James Dechant '08

Our fellow tourists seem too busy digitalizing their presence at a monument to be anxious about handing down faith and tradition. Granted, few of them are likely Catholic. Do they know the history of this place, of this particular house of worship?

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Alive Hospice

By K. Grace Ho '10

Alive Hospice. What an ironic name, I thought while entering through the white French doors of a deceptively small one-story building.

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A Desert Song

By Katie Buetow '12

Desperate for distraction, I inserted myself into various awkward social situations with strangers. I played tennis with strangers; I salsa danced with strangers; I joined a Meetup group full of strangers. Each conversation made me feel shallow and forgettable. I hated all of it.

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