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My Church and Me

By Andrew Barlow '88

The Holy Father’s recent visit to America brought back some warm memories from my very Catholic childhood, when the pope was something of a hero in our house. Not only had Paul VI made the post-Vatican II folk Mass in the St. Vincent’s gym possible, he also validated sprawling families like ours (14 kids) when he condemned contraception in his _Humanae Vitae_.…

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The Usual

By Matt Cashore '94

Father Hesburgh’s signature cocktail was a Manhattan, done his way. Nobody made ’em like Patrick Denis Murphy.

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By Tess Gunty '15

Notre Dame’s consummate bartender does more than serve up drinks. He’s counselor, companion, philosopher, poet, ambassador, storyteller, sweetheart, teacher, diplomat, legend and friend to all who enter there.

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Poetic Man of God

By Michael N. McGregor

Robert Lax went to Patmos to pursue his art and the creative expression of a solitary, spiritual life. I did as well, discovering there his quiet gifts of grace.

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Gifts Opened Later

By Steve Adams

Sometimes we launch our creations into the world not knowing where they land. Sometimes they turn up having done some good, having made a difference, and maybe we find out.

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