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What I’m Reading: In the Woods, Tana French

By Liam Farrell '04

I’ve increasingly spent time with aspirational genre fiction, the spy novel or murder mystery that is far better than its neighboring peers on nearby bookshelves but will never be confused with Faulkner. And if you throw a story about Ireland into the mix, well, I’ll be ready to plop down some money for the trip. That’s how I came recently to reading In the Woods by Tana French.

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Electing the President 2016: The Democrats' Dilemma

By Robert Schmuhl ’70

When they went to bed on election night, most Americans — even in GOP quarters — thought the outcome of 2016 was a foregone conclusion. But by the time the presidential and other electoral results became known, it was the Democrats who were left wondering what their party’s fortunes might be.

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