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I Am an EMF Refugee

By Alison Main '00

I can feel Wi-Fi. And power lines. And smart phones. And electric heat. And LED lights. But, before you get too excited about my real-life “Spidey sense,” let me warn you, it does not feel good.

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A Turtle Hatchling Swims out to Sea

By Kit Loughran '16

I’m still in denial that my four years at Notre Dame are up. I think of the lifelong friendships I made, the six Saturdays I spent inside Notre Dame Stadium every fall — and the crazy professor who made me wear a funny-looking turtle hat and tell embarrassing stories about myself.

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Page Time

By Notre Dame Magazine

There was a time — not that long ago — when this family was caught in a generational conflict because of the attention-stealing media invading American homes in the 21st century.

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