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Electing the President 2016: What Unites Us

By Robert Schmuhl ’70

Now that the Republican and Democratic national conventions are history, one common denominator of the 2016 presidential campaign stands out in bold relief. Both major parties this fall will be united by high-decibel hatred of the nominee of the other party.

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From Notre Dame to Wales, an Arthurian Quest Begins

By Rick Becker

My daughter, Joan, caught the Arthur bug while growing up in South Bend, and it persists to this day. For her, the legends embody an eternal optimism — that “no ending is final,” as she says, and that “whatever is truly right can’t be conquered forever.”

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Harden Not My Heart

By Anne Diffily

Every time I want to turn my back on a panhandler extending his hand — and instinctively I do flinch — I hear the small, insistent voice of my humanity prodding me to respond.

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What I’m Reading: The Nightingale, Kristin Hannah

By Tara Hunt McMullen '12

I’ve read a number of World War II and Holocaust books, but rarely have I read about, or even pondered, what it would be like to sit by and watch your town, your neighbors fall into evil hands. In the first chapter of The Nightingale, as one of the sisters, now an elderly woman, reflects on the war, she says, “In love we find out who we want to be; in war we find out who we are.”

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In the present / Kiva Ford

By Grass Roots Media

Nationally renowned glassblower Kiva Ford lives in two worlds. By day, he blows custom scientific glass for the University of Notre Dame. By night, he creates breathtaking artistic pieces in his studio.

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Scientific tools

By Gene Stowe

Integrating science into the prison-education program has been a challenge of logistics. How does one teach subjects that require sophisticated equipment and access to materials which might be off-limits within the prison walls?

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Deaths in the family

By The editors

Conrad L. Kellenberg, a fixture on the Notre Dame Law School faculty from 1955 until his retirement in 2005, died April 8 at age 88. He was known for greeting colleagues in the hallways by repeating the word “Hello” at three different pitches. “As if to show he meant it,” said Fernand “Tex” Dutile ’65J.D., emeritus professor of law and a former student of Kellenberg’s.…

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Young Alumni Essay Contest 2016 rules

By Carol Schaal

Notre Dame Magazine is sponsoring its fourth annual Young Alumni Essay Contest. The magazine’s editors, who will judge the 2016 contest, are looking for original, previously unpublished, creative nonfiction essays. The editors are seeking evocative first-person works that would appeal to a college-educated audience.

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Cold temps, warm words

By The editors

A warm camaraderie prevailed at the Class of 2016 commencement as Laetare Medal recipients Vice President Joe Biden and John Boehner, former Speaker of the House, praised each other’s bipartisan spirit and called on the graduates to renew the character of American politics.

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For the children I would

By Angie Therber

The warning crackle of an antiquated sound system broke into my lesson, followed by the school secretary’s urgent voice, “Teachers, check your voice mail immediately.” All of us teachers were caught off-guard and fumbled our way through this first lockdown drill of the year.

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