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Our little island

By Kim Tracy Prince '93

Lately I’ve been feeling the lack of roots. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years, in this community for almost five, and still, even though I know so many wonderful people, I watch women and families in groups around me with longing.

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His church and mine: A love story

By Nicole Steele Wooldridge ’07

“So, you’re Catholic, but you’re married to a Lutheran pastor. How does that work?” I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been asked this question in my seven years of marriage. Depending upon the inquirer, I have a few canned answers that easily roll off the tongue, but the simplest and most genuine is this: “By the grace of God!”

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Designing a new career

By Carol Schaal

When a customer popped into Friends by Design, asking when the fashion boutique would start displaying swimsuits for sale, owner Susan Mason ’87, ’96MBA gave her a definitive answer: “Never.” Selling bathing suits does not fit the vision Mason has for her specialty women’s clothing shop in downtown St. Joseph, Michigan. “I want you to feel great when you walk out,” she says, “and not feel disappointed in your shape or size.”

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Ministers of justice

By Brendan O’Shaughnessy ’93

Notre Dame president Rev. Theodore Hesburgh asked Richard Goldstone, a South African judge fighting apartheid, what Notre Dame could do to promote justice in the country. “Educate our lawyers,” Goldstone said.

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Perchance to sing

By Kit Loughran '16

Behind the scenes of the world premiere of the Notre Dame-commissioned opera adaptation of William Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It.

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Seen & heard

By The editors

One by one, students raised their hands for the microphone to ask questions about alcohol policy, the logistics of disciplinary procedures, even the methodology of the survey they had gathered to discuss. About 100 people attended a town hall meeting at DeBartolo Hall on April 20 to talk about the sexual misconduct and campus climate report released earlier that week.…

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Final acts

By Joan Sauro, CSJ

An aging priest, an 80-year-old husband and a professor emerita do not look away as aging destroys the memories of those they hold dear.

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Experimental in Nature

By Jason Kelly '95

Notre Dame’s Harper Cancer Research Institute is trying a different strategy in the fight against the disease: bringing scientists from diverse fields onto a single team.

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The Ancient Ones

By Anthony DePalma

When he had just turned 22, the author set out on a pilgrimage to touch the oldest living things on earth. That was in 1974. He went back in 2014. The trees had not changed. But he had.

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Editor's note: The tree and life

By Kerry Temple ’74

That is a bristlecone pine — Pinus longaeva — on the cover. So yes, this issue’s cover story is about a kind of tree. But it is not just about a tree, not even really about what may be the oldest living thing on earth, which the bristlecone pine is believed to be.

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The Politics of Pride . . . and value of humility

By Tom Rosshirt '81

From a different political season, the summer of 2008, Tom Rosshirt’s reflection on our national virtues and vices is a meditation worthy of the Fourth of July, as fresh and relevant to the 240th birthday of the United States of America as the day we first published it.

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