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What I'm Reading: Tribe, Sebastian Junger

By Brendan O’Shaughnessy ’93

Tribes are a hot topic today as a concept political scientists and pundits have found useful to describe America's polarized political landscape. But our tribal tendencies may have a flip side: a way in which, properly harnessed, tribal instincts and behavior might alleviate other scourges of modern society.

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Soundings: Thanks to the trail guide

By Kerry Temple ’74

I remember thinking how weird it felt. I was sitting on an airplane in a seat next to my boss, 20 years older than me, and a man with whom I’d had minimal conversations. We were both quiet, introverted, not prone to talking. Plus he was my boss, the magazine’s editor. And I didn’t like flying.

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Out of the Office: A doctor is born

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

A plate of cookies sat on a table by the door, half-empty by the time I arrived. Coffee in cardboard boxes and a stack of clean paper cups. I didn’t dare pour one for myself because I was late, having walked halfway around McCourtney Hall, angsty and out of breath and unable to find the “auditorium.” Plus which, I’d never been to a doctoral defense before.

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Green machines

By Rasmus Jorgensen

In search of savings and lower carbon emissions, Notre Dame is employing a new heating and cooling system: planet Earth.

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