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A sign at the Grotto

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

For Bobby Kloska '90, a simple cell-phone snap of a snowy Grotto became a yearlong flurry of comments, thanks and connections made through the power of grace.

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"I had all that I needed": Christmas 1944

By John Wukovits ’67

As Father Thomas A. Steiner, CSC, celebrated Christmas with Midnight Mass in Sacred Heart Church, his thoughts most likely centered on the 29 chaplains from Notre Dame and six Holy Cross missionaries then living in battle zones around the globe.

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What I'm Reading: The Other Einstein, Marie Benedict

By Stacy A. Nyikos ’90

Watching National Geographic’s period drama, Genius, which in its first season told the story of Albert Einstein, held a fascinating surprise for me: his first wife, Mileva Maric. She, too, was a talented physicist. So when I came across a historical novel about her, I jumped on the opportunity to learn more.

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