Memories from Another Century

By Armiger (Joe) H. Sommers '42, '43M.S., '48Ph.D

My first memory of Notre Dame is the day I stepped off a street car at the Circle as a freshman in early September 1938. I had to come up to Indiana from my home in Clarksdale, Mississippi, possessing a warm Southern accent but lacking warm winter clothing. Max Alder’s “On the Corner” furnished coat and corduroys, and time has now eroded the accent but not my memories. The afternoon before that big day I had boarded the overnight Illinois Central “City of New Orleans” train in Memphis, and arrived at the 12th Street Station in Chicago after a sleepless night on coach. From there I rattled down into Indiana on South Shore Electric car to its terminus which then was on a busy downtown South Bend street corner. Both of those train stations, in Chicago and South Bend, have now finished; but ah, yes, I remember them well.…

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