A dot.com liquidation tale

By Christy Conklin '88


On January 18 I walked into my office at ebeon Ltd. in New York City to find everyone gathered in the unfinished conference room listening to a phone call from our managing director in Ireland. He told us that the company had missed payroll, that there would be no severance pay and that no one was quite sure what has happened to our 401k deposits. The telephone was sitting on the edge of the table, stretched as far as possible from the wall. This was fitting because, despite the fact that we were given state-of-the-art global cell phones, no one had gotten around to buying an extension cord. The upshot of the conversation was that eircom, the majority owner of our Dublin-based e-commerce architecture firm, had just had a board meeting and decided not to give our company a new round of financing. Ebeon had ceased to exist.…

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