Hall Portrait: Pangborn

By Emily Howald '05


Year Built:


Male or Female?

Female since 1992

They Call Themselves:

Phoxes (“Violence” when males lived there)

Named For:

Thomas and John Pangborn of Hagerstown, Maryland, who underwrote construction of the hall, Notre Dame’s 15th. The Pangborns made their money manufacturing sand-blasting-type equipment. They also supported numerous educational, religious, scientific and charitable endeavors. Pope Pius XII

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The king of off-campus

By Emily Howald '05


U.S. 31 Business is as far west as he goes. Eddy Street is as far east. He won’t head farther north than Corby Street, and two miles south of campus is his limit.

What, you might wonder, is contained in this geographical block?

Landlord Mark Kramer’s off-campus housing kingdom.…

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Hall Portrait: Keenan

By Emily Howald '05


Year Built: 1957

Capacity: 293

Male or Female: Male

They Call Themselves: Knights

Named For: James Keenan ‘13, who underwrote construction of the hall as a memorial to his son, James, Jr., who died in 1941 just as his college years were about to begin. The Keenans were from Fort Wayne and owned and operated a chain of hotels in the Midwest.…

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