What's wrong with Rudy?

By Emily Paladino '05


photoAsk a Domer how many times he or she has seen the 1993 movie Rudy and the answer is likely to be “many.” But it’s unlikely that viewers have discovered all of the film’s historical inaccuracies, errors in continuity and production gaffes in the film based on the real-life football exploits of Rudy Ruettiger ‘76.…

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Hall portrait: Zahm

By Emily Paladino '05


STRONG>Year Built: 1937

Capacity: 237

Male or Female? Always male.

They call themselves: Zahmbies, although the hall’s sports teams are called Rabid Bats.

Named for: Father John Augustine Zahm, CSC. After graduating in 1871, Zahm remained at Notre Dame to teach chemistry, physics and natural science. He was regarded as a captivating lecturer and brilliant scholar and rose to director of the science department in 1875 and to vice president of the University in 1884. Zahm designed the new science facility that opened in 1884; the building now houses the LaFortune Student Center. He left Notre Dame in the late 1890s to travel to Rome and received an honorary Ph.D. from Pope Leo XIII

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