Notre Dame Hall Portraits: Knott Hall

By Errin Nekvasil


Knott Hall

Year Built: 1988

Capacity: 240 (currently overloaded with 257)

Male/Female: Female until 1997; male since

They Call Themselves: The Juggerknotts or the “Juggs” for short. The men of the hall first petitioned to be dubbed the “Beavers,” but the administration rejected that request for the preferred—and pithier—Juggerknotts. Their colors are a bold orange and navy blue; at home football games the Juggs don orange beanies. When Knott was a women’s hall, residents called themselves the Knott Angels. Fittingly, their mascot was an angel with a devilish grin who carried a pitchfork but was graced with a halo.…

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