We always remember

By Jean Ann Kaufman '75 (SMC), '77MBA

There are events in our lives we never forget. The good events live on, are embellished and sometimes become the memories of those who never truly experienced them. We work very hard at remembering the good events in our lives, we collect them and weave them into stories of who we really are.

The bad events are never forgotten. November 22, 1963, was a day all of us in our middle years remember vividly. I was in Mrs. Barter’s 6th grade math class, which was supposed to be science but never was. Mrs. Barter was called out of the room for several minutes, not even long enough for the class to misbehave. When she returned, she said there had been a horrible event and wrote the word “assassination” in her perfect script, centered on the black board.…

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