The Way We Are: Notre Dame Class of 1957

By Kenneth L. Woodward '57 and Richard V. Allen '57, '58M.A.

Half a century ago, members of the Class of 1957 received their undergraduate degrees and set off in many different directions. So, in preparation for our 50th reunion this past June, we created a wide-ranging survey of 101 questions to find out more about the pathways our classmates chose.

To judge by the response, Notre Dame alumni are eager to share their experiences, life choices and opinions. Some 900 of our original 1,150 classmates are living, and of the 425 class members whose email addresses we had, more than 300 responded. This was a phenomenal return of 75 percent of those queried. Altogether, these represent approximately a third of the surviving members of the Class of ’57.…

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