Katrina relief, Irish style

By Kristen Klein '06


In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, students, employees and alumni raised money—more than $240,000 total. They collected clothing, organized blood drives, welcomed refugee students as temporary transfers students. Some even traveled south to help people rebuild.

Like its counterparts nationally, the Notre Dame Law School offered visiting-student status to second- and third-year students from the ravaged area. The Law School enrolled two students from Tulane University in New Orleans, both of whom had attended Notre Dame as undergrads. Additional students were accepted into Notre Dame Law, but they decided to attend schools closer to home, said Gale Peshel, assistant dean for students.…

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Hall portrait: Fisher

By Kristen Klein '06


Year Built:


Capacity: 184

Male or Female? Always male

They call themselves: the Green Wave but also refer to themselves as Fishermen. Others call the hall Fishy Fisher for its location next to the South Dining Hall’s trash receptacle. First-floor residents sometimes refer to Ellie, the 6-year-old basset hound of Rector Bob Moss, CSC

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