Determination, 'Dad' helped alumna succeed

By Mary Kate Castellani '05


When Lena Jefferson ‘90 was married last year, the person who gave her away was not even related to her. But over a decade earlier, during her undergraduate years at Notre Dame, he had told her that when the time came he would be more than willing to fill the place of the father she’d never known.…

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Hall portrait: Farley

By Mary Kate Castellani '05


Year Built:


Capacity: 245

Male or Female? Female since 1973

They Call Themselves: Farley’s Finest

Named For: Father John “Pop” Farley, CSC, who attended Notre Dame at the turn of the century and later returned to serve as rector of Corby, Walsh and Sorin halls. Students affectionately called him “Pop” because of his habit of referring to residents as “my boys.” It was said that Farley never missed an event in which one of his hall’s residents participated. The priest died in 1939.…

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Letter from Campus: Boys in Disguise

By Mary Kate Castellani '05

Winter 2004–05


For more than 10 years Keenan Hall has hosted its signature community-outreach event, The Great Pumpkin. It’s an opportunity for underprivileged children in and around South Bend to come to campus and enjoy all the typical Halloween activities in a fun and safe environment. The dorm’s residents set up a haunted house in their basement and some pumpkin-carving stations. They escort the kids around campus to trick-or-treat at the other residence halls. The little kids seem to love it—and so do the big kids.…

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