Pick a Star

By Mike Alexander ’72

There is ritual to it, a proper way of doing things. Done wrong, and you will not find your way. Done right, and you may be richly rewarded.

A tripod is set out in the early evening. The telescope is carried out and attached to it, 60 pounds of glass and metal carefully maneuvered over the setscrew as Earth’s shadow passes overhead and the first mothlike stars come glimmering out. I flip a switch, and the device hums to life. An electronic plumb bob in its base responds to the pull of gravity, making it level. A built-in compass senses invisible lines of force, and it turns to magnetic north. A GPS

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The Slice of Life

By Mike Alexander '72

There is a refreshing directness to it. DEATHS.

Gathering magazines to recycle, I ended up with a small stack of Notre Dame Magazines, six random issues from Summer 2002 to Summer 2004. I paged through them, wondering if I had missed anything. It turned out that I had: a few of the endpapers from the book of life. Near the back of each issue, simple and straightforward, DEATHS

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