Whose Promised Land? In South Africa, They Call It Apartheid

By Neve Gordon '97M.A., '99Ph.D.

“It was about 7 in the morning,” Widad Al-Nuajah told us, unable to hide her despair. “Fourteen military jeeps accompanied by two bulldozers arrived. The soldiers instructed us to remove our belongings from the cave, but even before we finished the bulldozers began the demolition.”

Together with a few other Israelis, I had left Jerusalem very early that morning. For security reasons, we drove through Israel around the occupied West Bank, entering the Palestinian territories from the south; instead of a 45-minutes ride, it took us two-and-a-half hours. After meeting our Palestinian friends at the Susya junction, we continued together to their encampment on a dirt road, creating a cloud of dust on the light brown, almost yellow, desert hills. Widad was among several people waiting for us. They had come to apprise us of the situation.…

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