One Hundred and Three Steps

By Patrick Hannon, CSC, '88M.Div.

Chapter from The Geography of God’s Mercy: Stories of Compassion and Forgiveness (ACTA Publications)

By Patrick Hannon, CSC, ’88M.Div.

If you were to ask any of my brothers and sisters what they liked most about staying over at Grandma’s house on Trestle Glen in Oakland as kids, they would give you the same answer that I would: sleeping in her bed. Second maybe only to the womb, it was—at least on this side of Paradise—a place of great peace and happiness. Sleeping with Mom and Dad as a child rarely offered such lasting comfort. Dad’s feet were too cold, and he snored with such force that family legend has it that as a boy his own brothers made him sleep out in the barn on warm nights, much to the dismay of the cows and the chickens.…

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