By the numbers



Undergraduate enrollment 2007-08: 8,451
Graduate enrollment 2007-08: 3,362
Students living on campus: 80 percent
Number of residence halls: 29
Seniors living off-campus, fall 2007: 58 percent
Juniors living off-campus, fall 2007: 12 percent
Students in study abroad programs, 2006-2007: 1,206 (down from 1,361 the year before)
2007 graduates who studied abroad: 46 percent
Undergraduates over age 25 enrolled in fall 2007: 15
International students in 2007 entering class: 2.9 percent
Minorities in student body: 24.2 percent (11% Hispanic, 8% Asian, 4.6% African American, 0.6% Native American)
Students who do volunteer service at least a few times per year: 80 percent
Undergraduates participating in community-based research in fall 2007: 118 (via 12 Notre Dame courses and related projects)
Graduation rate: 95 percent (third only to Harvard, Princeton)
Medical school acceptance rate: 80 percent (twice national average)

Of those who graduated in 2007
Students placed in career-track position, graduate school or service within six months of graduation: 99 percent
Bound for full-time employment: 48 percent
Heading to graduate school: 34 percent
Entering a service program: 12 percent
Commissioning in the military: 3 percent
Seeking employment: 2 percent
“Other plans”: 1 percent

Of those who entered in 2008
Average SAT: 1405
Catholic: 83 percent
Legacy students: 24 percent
Minorities: 20 percent (9.5% Hispanic, 6.5% Asian, 3% African-American, 1% Native American)
Presidents of high school student government: 10 percent
Represent top 5 percent of high school graduating class: 72 percent
Represent top 10 percent of high school graduating class: 88 percent
Involved in community service in high school: 90 percent (up from 85% in ’07)
High school varsity lettermen: 64 percent (down from 70% in ’07)

A top reason for choosing Notre Dame
“Good academic reputation”: 93 percent
“Good social reputation”: 49 percent
“Religious affiliation/orientation”: 42 percent

A top self-rated characteristic (incoming students)
“Academic ability”: 98 percent
“Drive to achieve”: 92 percent
“Emotional health”: 69 percent
“Self-understanding”: 66 percent

Political views of incoming students ranged for graduating classes of 2008-2011
Far Left: 0.9 to 1.4 percent
Liberal: 19 to 21 percent
Middle of the Road: 36.9 to 40.5 percent
Conservative: 38 to 39.5 percent
Far Right: 1.3 to 2.0 percent

Life goals of incoming students rated as essential or very important for graduating classes of 2008-2011
Raising a family: 83 to 87 percent
Helping others: 69 to 75 percent
Being recognized for special contributions to my field: 44 to 47 percent

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